It`s starting to look like Christmas in Releath Class!
We have had a lovely week in Releath. We have been learning all about 2D shapes and have made some amazing patterns and pictures using different mediums. We were amazing at naming them too, remembering names like ‘trapezium’ really well!! We have been focusing on tricky words in our Reception phonics session and learnt the new sound ‘b’, whilst Y1 children have been learning about plurals. We listened to the story of ‘Chocolate Moose for Greedy Goose’ and enjoyed making up our own shopping lists. Y1 have also been thinking of their own ending and characters for Little Red Riding Hood. We also had another fabulous dance session with Mia yesterday. A huge thank you also to Mrs Tofts for coming in to make some wonderful Christmas crafts with us, we can’t wait to show them to you at our Cracking Christmas event tonight, see you there!
 We have had a super subtracting week in Releath class! We have been very busy using number lines and apparatus to help us to subtract amounts and record our calculations too. We enjoyed learning the story of ‘Fussy Frank’ and writing lists of foods we liked and disliked. We have made a super start to our nativity and can’t wait to show you in a few weeks time! We are loving our new grotto woodwork shop, post office and cosy reading areas! We had a super drama workshop with Mia from MADE yesterday and are continuing to do a fantastic job with our phonics and reading, well done Releath! 
We have a busy week in Releath class! We have been learning, singing and writing poems and nursery rhymes and created some beautiful collage pictures to accompany them. We have been adding objects inside and outside in Maths and loved carrying out experiments in science to see who had the biggest feet and greatest hand span. We are really looking forward to showing you our work so far this term in our class assembly next Thursday morning.
We have had a very busy week in Releath! The Y1 children have been learning how to count in twos, writing acrostic poems and learning the 'ea', 'ie' and 'ou' digraphs, whilst the Reception children have been counting accurately inside and outside and have learnt the 'g', 'o','c' and 'k'  phonemes. We read the Scarecrow's Wedding and wrote lists and invitations. We have made our own wooden spoon scarecrows, planted seed patterns, made leaf hedgehogs and really enjoyed baking bread for Harvest today. We were really proud of the children joining in their first Harvest festival today and wish you all a happy and relaxing half term. 
We have had a busy week of learning in Releath class!
Year 1 have been counting and ordering numbers to 20 and beyond. Reception children have been learning how to create repeating patterns both inside and outside. We have learnt the ‘m’ and ‘n’ phonemes this week and year 1 have practised how to form sentences correctly. We have learnt how to use adjectives to describe ourselves, places and pets that we have or would like. We had a super afternoon yesterday with Liane from MADE (Music and Dance Education) and are really looking forward to being involved in the ‘Child’s Eye View’ project with a number of other schools within our Trust.  
We have had another lovely week in Releath with everybody settling into school so well! On Monday, we had a fantastic day of outdoor learning with Wild Tribe, where we made stick men to accompany our current Julia Donaldson theme, made home for our Stick people, played games, lit a fire and toasted marshmallows. We have also been busy learning how to count accurately to ten and the Y1 children have been challenging themselves to compare, count and order numbers to 100! We created our own woodland creatures based on the Gruffalo and made up new versions of the story. We had a great time making circuits for a light box and investigating all things Autumn! Have a lovely weekend!
We have had a fantastic first full week at school, well done Releath class! We have loved learning the story of 'Super-worm', looking for rhyming words, making salt dough worms and making up our own versions of the story. The reception children have begun to count accurately to six and Year One have been busy using base ten materials to explore tens and ones. We have loved finding out a little bit more about ourselves by reading through our scrapbooks and have had lots of fun building, making and exploring in our outdoor area. (ill give you the memory card for photos to match)
What a busy week we have had in Releath! 
We have had a lovely week recapping 3D shape and exploring positional language. We really enjoyed playing some Maths games with Crenver class that they had made for us. We have enjoyed continuing to learn about 'People who help us' and set up some super scenarios with the playmobil people. We have continued to extend our sentence writing using capital letters and full stops and had an amazing time when Mrs Tofts came in to make bees wax wraps with us, thank you so much Mrs Tofts!
This week:  
We have really enjoyed learning the story of 'The Elephant and the bad baby' this week and making lists of all of the foods and people that they met. We have begun our phase 2 phonics in Reception, this week focusing on s,a,t, p and Year One have really enjoyed playing the Buried Treasure game in their phonics too. We have continued to work on place value in Year One using place value cards and base ten materials, inside and outside and Reception children have been practising counting to 20. We created Autumn collages for Leedstown Show and really enjoyed 'searching for sounds' outside using our senses too.
Releath had a special guest! 
We have had a lovely week practicing split digraphs in phonics and using high frequency words in sentence writing.We have started our 'people who help us' topic and loved having Sergeant Little in yesterday with his dogs Coz and Sky. He told us all about his job as a police dog handler which was really interesting! In Maths we have enjoyed ordering numbers, writing number sentences and finding one more, one less. We had a fantastic time at Trevaskis Farm on Tuesday finding out about all of the plants and animals there. The children were all so well behaved and we were really proud of everyone, well done Releath!
Challenge and Discovery week! 
We have had a fantastic Challenge and Discovery week! We have been practicing yoga and mindfulness every day which we have really enjoyed. We talked about healthy foods and planted some vegetables of our own. We are going to keep a bean diary to see how quickly our bean seeds grow! We have really enjoyed a number of multi-skills activities throughout the week and gathered lots of natural materials outside to make our own flags. We enjoyed completing a tally chart and pictogram to find out our favourite fruits and vegetables and have loved having a yoga workshop and another two from Chartwells, where we made rainbow wraps and our own healthy sugar free snack bars. What a great week!