The children will be exploring the human body, including the blood, heart and circulatory system this term. They have already made their own 'Blood Smoothie' with raspberries representing the red blood cells; white marshmallows as the white blood cells; pineapple as the plasma; and sprinkles as the platelets. Each group was able to add extra ingredients to represent different antigens and to appreciate the compatability of different blood-groups. Today, the children explored the human heart and the effect of exercise on their individual pulse-rates, calculating the amount of blood their hearts pumped during a minute of inactivity, moderate activity and vigorous exercise.
The children have begun to  explore the location of rain-forests around the world in their geography work and the different layers of vegetation, researching the animals found at each layer.
The children have also started to investigate Ancient Egypt - marking some key events in chronological order on an historical time-line and locating important settlements on a map of the area. Over the coming weeks, the class will be investigating some important discoveries made during the era of this civilisation so keep checking back for further details.
In PE, the children have teamed-up with the Cornish Pirates - yeah!