Crowan school council

We had a great first School Council meeting!
The children have already been very busy gathering ideas from their classmates since being appointed which is fantastic to see! The children suggested that a school disco would be a good idea and we thought that any money raised from this could contribute towards transport hire for a whole school trip to the Rogue Theatre 'Winter Woods' before the end of the Autumn term, great idea everyone. The children are also going to make posters to ask drivers to reduce their speed when driving through the village. We also decided upon merchandise that will be sold in the lead up to Children in Need day this year and agreed on how we would like to raise money that day-details to follow. A great first meeting, well done everyone!

The New School Council 

 A huge thank you to all of the children that ran for School Council this year. We were so impressed with the thought that had gone into your speeches and some of the amazing ideas you have so far! This year’s Councillors are: 

Thank you to all of the children for being so hugely supportive of each other when making speeches and when the names were announced. Well done Crowan!