Mrs Tamsin Lamberton became the Interim Headteacher of Crowan Primary School in January 2022.  Over the last years, Crowan has worked hard to maintain good standards across the school.  

The school premises continue to be developed:

  • 2012 - the staff room was re-decorated and the Quiet Room (used for small group intervention work and 1:1 tuition) was re-painted and fitted with an interactive whiteboard and projector.
  • 2013 - the windows in each classroom, the school office, the school hall, library, staff-room and the room leased by the pre-school were replaced and new window blinds were fitted. A new vinyl floor was laid in the hall. 
  • 2014 - New adventurous outdoor climbing apparatus was installed and the playground fencing replaced. A poly-tunnel for use by the Reception class in support of their outside learning was purchased and installed.
  • 2015 - The library, Trenoweth Class and the room leased by the pre-school had new damp-proofing and were redecorated. New mobile furniture was purchased for Trenoweth Class and a new carpet laid. The corridors and circulation areas were repainted.
  • 2016 - New windows were installed in the pre-school and kitchen, a new door was provided to ease access to the School Office and the old guttering to the front and side of the school was replaced. New mobile furniture was provided for Releath Class and an enclosure for chickens was built to the rear of the school.
  • 2017 - The flat roof over the room used by the pre-school was replaced and insulated.
  • 2018 - New apparatus was installed in the outside garden for use by the Reception class children.
  • 2019 - New outdoor apparatus was installed in the enclosed area adjacent to Releath Class for use in self-directed play by the Year 1 and Reception children. 
  • 2020 - New and improved interior and exterior lighting was installed across the school site. The hall-climbing equipment was up-dated with a new configuration and new gymnastic apparatus purchased suitable for all age-groups.
  • 2022 - New fire alarm and smoke detectors installed.