How do we promote a love of reading?

2. How do we promote a love of reading?
  • All of our staff are 'reading experts'. Staff share their love of reading with the children and talk knowledgeably  about children's literature. We promote 'recommended reads' to each year group. 
  • Our 'Author of the term' initiative enables children to become more familiar with high-quality books and famous authors. 
  • This year we have introduced a 'book club' on a Thursday after school which is proving to be extremely popular. 
  • Our classroom environments, with their appealing cosy book corners, encourage a love of reading.
  • We do not just promote a love of fiction; we recognise the importance of exposing our children to high-quality non-fiction texts and poetry.
  • We emphasise the importance of reading to our parents in the form of workshops, parent forums, useful websites and apps and recommended reading lists. We also emphasise how important it is for parents to read aloud to their children. 
  • We encourage pupils to talk about what they have read and help them make sense of it. As a result, our pupils talk about books with enthusiasm and understanding. 
  • We purchase pink boxes from the library service every term to supplement the books we have in our library and our class book corners. These books reflect our class topics and contain a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books.
  • We carefully select books that relate to children’s topics and interest. We hold frequent fundraising events to add books to library and classrooms and books are reviewed regularly. 
  • We promote online books and audio books to appeal to our reluctant readers.