Information for parents

A huge thank you for all of the amazing support that you have given to your children throughout our most recent lockdown! Your children have shown amazing resilience throughout and we thank you enormously for ensuring that.
However, we completely understand that this has been a challenging time for many and wanted to draw your attention to a new group that has been formed by Headstart Kernow called SPACE  to support parents and children emotionally. They will be holding webinars and question and answer sessions starting in April which might be of interest to you and have a wealth of supportive information on their web page too.

Good Mental Health

Following our staff training and parent information sessions, we have put together a collection of pages of information to support you and your child with keeping healthy at home.


What supports good mental health?

  • Good physical health
  • Balanced diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Take part in activities
  • Feeling loved, trusted, understood, valued and safe
  • Having opportunities to enjoy themselves
  • Being hopeful and optimistic
  • Opportunities to learn/succeed
  • Accepting who they are and recognizing what they are good at
  • Feeling they have some control over their life
  • Having the strength to cope when something is wrong (resilience) and ability to solve problems


Support for families