Mission Statement


Values and Ethos - 

Our school mission statements reads 'Developing a healthy future for One and All'.   

At Crowan Primary School we endeavour to work in partnership with parents, the local community, other educational settings and professional support bodies to recognise and nurture the talents and potential of every child.

We plan to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which engages the interest of the children and which enables them to make connections between what they are learning in the classroom and the world around them, extending their understanding of both the local environment and appreciation of a more global perspective.

Key to our success in producing successful outcomes for the children include:

  • Gaining a thorough knowledge of each individual
  • Maintaining good communication with parents and carers
  • Personalising the curriculum to the interests of the children wherever possible
  • Monitoring the progress of each individual and setting appropriate targets and challenges for improving the development of skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Using effective questioning and assessment strategies to speedily identify and address any misconceptions and to re-shape the learning opportunities as appropriate
  • Ensuring a range of teaching approaches suited to the children's different learning styles
  • Making links between lessons and between subjects across the curriculum and stimulating learning through the effective use of resources, including ICT,, trips and visitors

The Local Governing Body holds the headteacher to account for delivering high standards across the school and for ensuring a safe, productive learning environment for all, including children with special educational needs or disabilities, children in receipt of the Pupil Premium and other groups requiring additional care and support.