Our Reading Priorities

At Crowan Primary School, we are committed to improving our reading results across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and ensuring that all of our pupils leave our school in Year 6 being confident and competent readers. We will achieve this by focusing on these seven main areas:
1. How well do we prioritise reading across the school?
2. How well do we promote a love of reading?
3. How well do we make sure that all pupils make good or better progress in reading?
4. How well do we check that pupils' reading books match the sounds that they can read?
5. How well do we teach phonics from the start?
6. How well do we make sure that pupils catch up when they fall behind?
7. How well do we train our staff to be reading experts? 
Please have a look at the left hand tab menu to see the steps we have taken in each of these areas to ensure success in reading attainment and progress.
Book Club is a very popular after school club.  The children very much enjoy their Thursdays with Mr Goad.  By looking at their outstanding display of write ups, it's a popular choice!