Below you will find the RSE lessons for this term.
If you have any questions, please use the Dojo messengering service to speak with me. These lessons will take place on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th of October this week.
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W/C: 11th October
Summer Term in Pengelly

Week 1: 19th April

Welcome back everyone to what promises to be a wonderful Summer term.

First I’d like to say a massive thank you to the children who lead our biscuit baking at the end of the Spring term. These children completed some baking in school during the Spring lockdown with Mrs Ellis. Then, when the rest of the class returned they took the lead and taught their groups how to bake some yummy biscuits with either chocolate chips or raisins. These chief bakers had to use patience and give clear instructions to their groups to help them learn their recipes and be successful. The class then took some time to reflect on what makes a good teacher and a good student.

Well done everyone. 


A super start already this week.

In Literacy we have written about some unusual creatures that are found on our school field. We first explored our school environment to help us decide where our new creatures would live.

The habitat we chose helped us to create our wonderful animals. We then made our animals out of natural materials and hid them in their secret habitats. Later this week we are going to write descriptions of our creatures.


In PE we have started our Outdoor Adventurous Activities topic and began with orienteering. We studied aerial maps of our school and started learning how to orientate our maps and looked very precisely at the points we were trying to locate. There were many ‘red herrings’ to try and catch us out close to the point we were trying to find but not the exact spot shown on the map. We have also started progressing our skills in Netball with Mrs Ellis on a Friday, improving our passing and shooting as well as developing game tactics.


Fractions is our new topic in maths this term and we had great fun using play dough to explore unit fractions and some simple addition and subtraction sentences. We are looking forward to delving into this exciting topic this term.

Autumn Term 2020 9th October


What a great start to our school year. Super learning from Pengelly class this term so far with everyone working hard.


In our Gymnastics lessons this term  although we haven’t been able to practise challenging rolls - I think the tarmac might be a bit hard - we have been learning about different ways to travel, balancing and making our bodies into symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes.


In Science we have been investigating the life cycle of flowering plants and also the anatomy of flowers. We dissected a flower like tree scientists and found all of the parts that are involved in reproduction.


We have been practising counting in 25s this week in maths and created our own board games to help us with this skills.