Welcome back everyone. What a busy first term we’ve had!


Pengelly class has enjoyed learning to play Hockey this term. We have been concentrating on improving our dribbling and passing skills and working as a team to attack and defend.

In our last lesson we put all our skills together to work in a large class tournament to see which team could score the most goals.



In gymnastics we have improved our rolling, travelling, shapes in the air and been controlling our landings.

Everyone has worked extremely hard with our forwards and backwards rolls as well as log and teddy bear rolls, with a huge amount of success from everyone.

We finished this topic by performing our routines to Releath class as our audience.


In Geography we have been learning about Natural Disasters!

We have learnt how Earthquakes and Volcanoes are created and used maps and atlases to discover where in the world are most affected by them.  We have learnt how countries and cities plan and prepare for these events and built our own Earthquake Proof cities.



In Art we have been improving our drawing and painting skills. We started by using Autumn to inspire our sketching skills, looking at the small details of leaves and smudging techniques with different graded pencils to achieve our desired effects.

Now we are working on our colour mixing skills using only the primary colours. We are beginning to discover that we can mix any colour we desire using only the Primary colours and black and white.









Autumn Term

Amazing work from Pengelly class this term!


We’ve written a Journey story involving our own brave characters ranging from brave tiny mice, magical unicorns to frightened baby foxes. We’ve written descriptive writing on Wild Storms and Violent Volcanoes, as well as poetry on several different themes.


In Geography we’ve learnt about natural disasters including volcanoes, earthquakes and floods. We looked at where in the world these events happen and how cities prepare for them. You built superb miniature cities of your own including all the elements that a city would need to be ready for a natural disaster. You also designed and built models to help explain how flooding occurs.


In PE we have developed our gymnastic skills with flight both on and off the apparatus and worked incredibly hard on our Machine inspired dance pieces. We improved our teamwork and honesty during our team games and have enjoyed self-referring evaluating our own work and that of others.


In Art we have developed our skills further in Drawing and Painting and produced our own work inspired by Natalia Gontcharova and Georgia O’Keeffe while working on our tones and shades.


Of course not to forget all the hard work in Maths working on our Place Value knowledge as well as mental and written methods of Addition and Subtraction.


 I hope everyone is well rested and ready to go again in the Spring Term.