Reading Overview

At Crowan Primary School we regard Reading as our highest priority and believe that reading is fundamental to gaining access to areas of knowledge and information. It is crucial that children are helped to develop their independence, self-confidence and motivation to read widely and accurately since success in reading has a direct effect on the progress made in different subjects across the curriculum. 

Our Aims:


• To cultivate successful, confident readers who are equipped with a range of strategies with which to decode print and interpret a wide variety of texts.


• To place understanding and enjoyment at the heart of reading, fostering a delight in literature and a love of books.


Our Objectives:


• To provide a rich and stimulating environment in which children have access to a wide range of books presented in an attractive and inviting way.

• To encourage and empower parents and carers to participate and share in their child’s reading.

• To provide individual children with the necessary support to help develop their confidence and independence in reading both for pleasure and purpose.

• To ensure that there is a consistent and structured approach to the teaching of reading across the school.

• To ensure there is regular and ongoing assessment to identify individual needs.

• To provide opportunities for children to hear stories read aloud and to allow them to reflect upon their own experiences and the language of the text.

• To provide opportunities for children to ask questions about different texts, to re-tell the stories and predict what might happen next.

• To enable children to develop successful strategies for independently decoding and comprehending their reading.

• To ensure that children have opportunities to discuss books they have read, to express simple preferences and to compare the writing of different authors.

• To provide opportunities for children to read their own and other children’s texts aloud to the class.

• To ensure that children have opportunities to read individually (including reading to themselves), with partners and as part of a small group to reflect upon their reading and to expand their knowledge of different genre.

From September 2021, we are introducing a new book-based curriculum to link our reading and our writing, as well as our topic work where appropriate. Please have a look at the link below to see what exciting, engaging texts we are covering in each year group, as well as our authors of the term and recommended reads that we passionately feel children really must be exposed to by the end of the year.