A huge welcome to Crowan School to our new Releath class and all of your families too! We have been amazed at how well the children have settled into school life and can't wait for a super year ahead!
We have been enjoying learning about rhyme after reading a variety of books by our Author of the term Kes Gray and have begun to create our own rhyming booklets this week. In Maths, we have been exploring and creating our own repeating patterns using a variety of natural and man made resources. We have been weighing objects too using the language and heavy and light and more and less. We have had great fun sorting materials too even managing to sort magnetic and non-magnetic objects inside and outside of our classroom! We had a lovely visit from Reverend Rosheen who talked to us all about infant baptism, we are really looking forward to going up to the Church after half term for a visit too. We also had a new visitor from MADE this week-Sian- who came to teach us how to play a variety of musical instruments.
We loved having Michelle from Wild Tribe in for a fantastic day of outdoor learning this week. After reading 'Leaf Man', we made our own leaf pictures, did some weaving, made clay imprints and did leaf rubbings with wax crayons. We all had a turn at making a fire too and toasted marshmallows-yum! We have really enjoyed listening to the story of Oi Frog by our new Author of the Term, Kes Gray and sorting animals and what they sat on! In Maths, we have been learning the vocabulary of 'same' and 'different', 'more' or 'less' and have begun to sort and group different objects. We loved Liane from MADE coming in for our second Music, Drama and Dance session; this week we were digging for dinosaur bones! In RE, we have been thinking about what makes us special and we had a great time using chalk to draw some still life objects in Art too. What a busy week!
We have been amazed at how well the children have been learning their new phonics and telling stories about their new books this week, a huge thank you for supporting the children with this so well at home. We have enjoyed lots of practical counting to 10 and back and have explored the numerals to order too. The photos that you sent in for our 'Ourselves' floor book are wonderful, thank you! The children have enjoyed telling us more about themselves, their families and people, places and things that are important to them, using their photos as prompts. We have enjoyed lots of team work activities outside as well and are so proud of what kind friends the children have been to each other, well done Releath!  
What a fantastic week we have had with another amazing trip to Humphrey's farm where we made scarecrows, collected eggs and helped with the animals and Sports Day today! The children showed fantastic team spirit and we are super proud of them all! Well done Releath!
We have been really busy learning how to tell the time this week! We talked about all of the things that we do in our days and how we order these activities as well as learning how to use the terminology 'o'clock and 'half past'. We have been extending out sentence structure and thinking about how to use accurate spellings in our own writing as well as continuing our oceans and seas topic by making some clay fish and lighthouses using circuits to light the lamps!
What a fantastic morning we had at The Minack Theatre! We enjoyed a dance, drama and music workshop as part of our ongoing work with MADE  and some super story telling with John Brolly. We have really enjoyed continuing our learning about the sea this week too and have written some wonderful pieces about pirates and mermaids. In Maths, we have been focusing on ordering numbers and finding one more and one less. We have also been learning about the seaside in the past and all loved looking at the beach and seaside at Porthcurno today to support this topic too!
We had a fantastic farm trip today! It was lovely to meet and feed the lambs, horses, ducklings and sheep! We have also been busy practising fractions back at school. We loved cutting up different foods to find halves and quarters and had a fantastic halves hunt and picnic outside! We have been reading the story of 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' and thinking about the importance of keeping our oceans clean. We are working hard on using our letters and sounds to help with independent writing too.
Welcome back! It has been wonderful to hear about the glorious Easter holidays that you all had! We have had a super first week back, doing lots of learning outside. We have enjoyed learning the story of the Snail and the Whale and thinking about where we would like to travel and what we may see along the way. We have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and enjoyed starting our seaside topic and Athletics outside this week too.
We can't believe the Easter holidays are here already! A huge well done to the children for all coming back to school so superbly, we are so proud of you all!
We have had a lovely week in the sunshine. We have been measuring and comparing capacity in Maths and have enjoyed lots of practical activities in the water tray. We talked about which animals hatch from eggs and made our own delicious chocolate nests! We read the Easter Story and talked about why we have a cross on hot cross buns. We really enjoyed tasting some delicious hot cross buns on a picnic outside too. We had a great time making containers to see if we could stop an egg from cracking when it was dropped from a height; more than half of our eggs survived! We are hoping that the Easter bunny might visit us tomorrow at school too :)
Have a lovely Easter holiday everyone!  
We have had a lovely week of learning in the sunshine! We have really enjoyed weighing items inside and outside to find the heaviest and lightest objects. We created some Spring Acrostic poems and loved creating instructions to make bread bunnies. We have enjoyed making Easter crafts which use pivots and levers and learning all about the Easter story. Most excitingly, we were AMAZED to find that we had a prehistoric visitor to school this week!! We loved looking for evidence and finding out all about T-Rexes after watching the surveillance video!
We have had a lovely week in the Spring sunshine! We had a fantastic outdoor Wild Tribe learning day on Monday and loved building nests, making trails, cooking on the campfire and learning about Spring animals and flowers. We have continued measuring this week, using standard and non standard units and have become very accurate at using our rulers! We have loved continuing our learning about dinosaurs and created our own collages of dinosaurs using our names and erupted our own volcanoes! We also really enjoyed a tennis session with some coaches from Hayle Tennis Club.
 I'm so proud of how well you all did with your home learning, it's wonderful to all be back at school together, well done Releath! :)
We have had another wonderful week! We continued writing our non-fiction books, with the children coming up with their own questions such as 'can hedgehogs jump' and 'do tigers purr' and then researching the answers! We have continued with subtraction in Maths and have used different strategies such as part-whole models and fact families to find answers to problems. The Reception children were brilliant at using first-then-now stories to help with their subtraction stories too. We have been using the foam bricks to create our own houses to accompany our Geography topic and enjoyed drawing and describing the inside and outside of our own homes. It was really interesting to talk about 'God' in RE this week and the children drew and described what they thought God looked like. We also had a lovely time talking about what makes us happy yesterday and really enjoyed drawing all of these things in our 'happiness jars'. Best of all, we put up our Christmas tree this week and decorated our classroom, it looks super! Thank you for being such super helpers everyone!
What a lovely week! We have been learning all about non-fiction this week and wrote some fantastic non-fiction books about animals. We have been using different objects to learn all about subtraction and had a lovely time taking part in a number of activities including making clay diva lamps, some delicious coconut sweets, lanterns and painting Rangoli patterns to celebrate Divali. We also started to think about our nativity we which are super excited about!
We have had another lovely week! We talked about poppies being a symbol of remembrance and had a lovely walk to the war memorial to lay a wreath on behalf of the families, children and staff at Crowan. We talked about our favourite memories and made a book of symbols that could remind us of these. We painted some beautiful poppy pictures and learnt how to add objects together in Maths. We had a fantastic  ‘Wild Tribe’ outdoor learning day yesterday and loved dressing up in our feel good clothes for Children in Need today. Have a lovely weekend everyone.
What a lovely first week back! It has been wonderful to hear about all of the lovely things you all got up to over half term! We have really enjoyed learning our phonics outside this week in the glorious Autumn sunshine and have been working hard on our letter formation. We have been focusing on number bonds to ten in Maths using ten frames and part/ whole models to support our learning. We have talked about the Gunpowder Plot and had a super day yesterday making edible sparklers, using different mediums to create firework pictures, creating a firework dance and having a lovely hot chocolate outside too. Today, we carried out some brilliant Science experiments to see if we could test how far our handmade rockets could travel. Have a lovely weekend!
            We hope you like our 'Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow' dance to celebrate Harvest time!
I can't believe we have already completed our first half term of the new school year! The children have worked so hard since returning after Summer and we are so proud of them all! We have continued to word on our letters and sounds this week with all children working really hard on blending sounds together to begin to read and spell unknown words. We learnt about animals which hibernate and planned and built our own nests and homes. We have been thinking about number bonds in Maths, to six and ten, and have enjoyed using a variety of indoor and outdoor resources to support this. We loved making hedgehog bread rolls on Monday after learning about how wheat is harvested and bread is made.
Have a lovely half term holiday, I look forward to seeing you all on TUESDAY 3rd NOVEMBER x 
To remind ourselves of the focus on kindness of this year's Mental Health Awareness Week (18th - 24th May), here are some examples from a kindness calendar, which you might like to have a go at :)
  • Make a card or draw a picture and give it to a family member.
  • Arrange to have a virtual catch up with someone you know (phone call/FaceTime).
  • Help with a household chore at home.
  • Help cook or bake with someone you live with.
  • Pick some flowers from your garden (if allowed!) and leave them on a family, friend or neighbour’s doorstep as a surprise.
  • Send someone you know a joke to cheer them up.
  • Play with a sibling in your household and share your toys.
  • Spend time playing with your pet.
  • Help wash the car.
  • Clean up your toys without being asked.
  • Tell a family member that you love them and why.
  • Send me a message of a happy memory of our class to make me smile!
We have had another really busy week in Releath! We have been counting objects accurately to 20 and the Year One children have been counting in 2s. We have been drawing our own story maps and writing zig zag books based on our own versions of The Gingerbread Man. We watched a programme about the Great Fire of London and made our own Tudor houses which are now on display outside of our classroom. We had a great time learning all about Chinese New Year and taking part in some drama with Liane from MADE. A huge well done to our first group of 'fun fit' children too!
We have had a really busy week learning all about length and measuring. We have been inside and outside measuring and then counting objects using cubes. We have also taken part in a number of measuring challenges, for example, finding out how many duplo bricks tall we are and discovering who has the longest finger! In Literacy, we have continued to learn the story of the Gingerbread Man by acting this out, retelling using puppets and writing character descriptions. We have really enjoyed starting our ‘Animals’ topic, loved using instruments within our Music lesson and really enjoyed taking part in some drama with Liane from MADE.
Welcome back!
It has been lovely to hear about the wonderful holidays that the children all had! We have had a busy week learning all about money and using different coins to buy items from our outdoor shop! We have been learning the letters of the alphabet and matching them to capital letters and have been beginning to segment and blend words back together. We will begin to have a greater focus on reading and writing now, so it has been amazing to see how many children have been practising their letters and sounds over the holidays, well done Releath! We have begun a topic using our ‘Understanding Christianity’ materials this week and were thinking about how our families show us that they love us. We have also begun our traditional tales in Literacy this week, starting with Jack and the Beanstalk, which the children retold using puppets today.
It is starting to look a lot like Christmas in Releath Class!
We have had a lovely week in Releath. We have been learning all about 2D shapes and have made some amazing patterns and pictures using different mediums. We were amazing at naming them too, remembering names like ‘trapezium’ really well!! We have been focusing on tricky words in our Reception phonics session and learnt the new sound ‘b’, whilst Y1 children have been learning about plurals. We listened to the story of ‘Chocolate Moose for Greedy Goose’ and enjoyed making up our own shopping lists. Y1 have also been thinking of their own ending and characters for Little Red Riding Hood. We also had another fabulous dance session with Mia yesterday. A huge thank you also to Mrs Tofts for coming in to make some wonderful Christmas crafts with us, we can’t wait to show them to you at our Cracking Christmas event tonight, see you there!