School Council (pupil voice)

Crowan Primary has its own School Council made up from elected representatives from Year 2 to Year 6. Meetings are called by the children and minutes recorded. Each member is entrusted to communicate the views of other children to the meetings as well as their own, and to share the outcomes with the remainder of children within their classes.


The School Council raised £243 for Comic Relief on Red Nose Day by organising a bun-bake.


The School Council helps to interview applicants for jobs at the school, organises social events, and debates the events and decisions affecting all aspects of the school’s provision.


Barnardo’s has presented the School Council with the P.A.D.L (Promoting Active Democracy Loudly) Silver Award.

The School Council also sends representatives to the School Kids in Partnership (SKiP) meetings where councilors from each of the Trust schools can exchange information and plan events across the Helston & Lizard Peninsula area.

Crowan Primary also has its own ‘Playground Pals’ – children trained by Anti-Bullying Cornwall to offer practical help to their peers to help resolve disputes and upsets.


When a child joins the school they are placed into a House Team named after local estates:

  • Pendarves  (Yellow) 
  • Godolphin  (Green)
  • Clowance   (Red)
  • Trevarno   (Blue)


House captains from Year 6 are elected following a presentation to the rest of the school. They are afforded certain responsibilities, including showing visitors around the school and fulfilling the role of various school monitors.