Primary Sports Alliance

Primary Sport Premium Funding
The Primary School Sport Premium is government funding given directly to individual primary schools to improve PE and school sport provision.  This year our school will receive around £8000.  

Helston Trust
Following on from the success of the Olympics in 2012, and as part of the Olympic legacy, the Government have dedicated £750 million to primary school sport in Britain until 2020; )
 In response to this the Southerly Point Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust Offer has been formed, establishing a collaborative approach to develop and sustain high quality PE and Sport provision in primary schools now and for the future.  There are thirteen schools within the Sports Trust, the local primaries and Helston and Mullion Secondary Schools, who work together on a number of areas to enhance the quality and quantity of PE and Sport available to their pupils.

The initial focus of the Trust is to provide opportunities for more pupils to participate and compete in physical activity, ultimately promoting healthy lifestyle habits and a life-long passion for sport.  This involves a wide range of activities including School Sports Partnership qualifying events, friendly festivals and B, C and D team festivals, all supported by local clubs and organisations to develop and sustain our links within the community.  A further priority this year is around participation, with events such as Key Stage One Multi-skills festivals and fun alternative sports festivals to encourage all pupils to find and develop their passion for physical activity.


All schools have expressed the need to be ready to prove how the additional funding has improved the experience of physical activity and sport for all students in their schools.  As a result the Trust have been working on methods of assessment and evidence that will show how they have implemented the money and the impact that this has had.  Each school has completed an audit of their current provision and identified key areas that will be improved to ensure a comprehensive offer.  New OFSTED guidance regarding PE and School Sport has ensured that this is an area that is imperative to whole school improvement.


Remaining Budget
To see how we are using the remainder of the Sports Premium funding please refer to the information under the Primary PE and Sports Premium Statement and Sports Premium Overview tabs.

The Primary Sports Premium funding will have a long term impact on the quality and quantity of physical activity experienced by all students.  As a Trust we have bought into a whole school survey programme that will prove this positive impact.

Mrs.Gillam - Crowan PE Lead