The Trenoweth children have moved onto Multiplication for this week.  The year 1 children have been working with Miss Allen on their 2 times tables.  She has been very impressed with the hard working children!  The year 2 children have been working also on their 2 times tables, some super learning in Maths! 
Both year groups had another visit to The Writers Block work shop on Tuesday.  This week the children have been creating their very own riddles for Penny.  The work shop also encouraged the children to think more about their creative writing, why is their character kidnapping the Mermaid or could it be the other way around? Is there a twist to the story?  The children are encouraged to draw their story as well as write down their ideas in the notebooks that are filling up slowly!  The note books are never marked so the children fill free to get their ideas down and once the work shop is finished they may take their books home. This week the children worked in partners, found two objects and included them in their story.  There were very many great ideas with magic, dragons dust, never ending candle light and so many more wonderful ideas.   The children have such wild imaginations! great for creative writing.  
We have been learning about the Great Fire Of London.  Mrs Cleave took a very lovely Art lesson with the children using charcoal to create their straw houses.  These are all displayed out side Trenoweth class with some super facts on the Great Fire Of London.  
Both year groups have sat in the hall and supported the Youth Speaks Students preparation for the competition this year.  Good Luck to those children who are taken part this year from Trenoweth Class! 
 Thank you again for all the families that encourage your children to read!
Jarret Learner: Reading lets you visit places and meet people you otherwise wouldn't, both real and made up.  It broadens your mind, heart, and imagination.      
Happy Friday everyone! 
Trenoweth class have had another busy week of learning.  In Maths the children have moved on to learning about Length.  We have been discussing what resources we could use to help us measure our objects and which units we measure in.  
The Year 1 children have been doing some really hard thinking in their practical lessons this week.  Using a tray of objects, they have been measuring using the non-standard measure of cubes! We have been estimating the length and then using the cubes to measure accurately.  We are very proud of the children this week, we even managed to order the objects from longest to shortest! 
The Year 2 children have been thinking about how they can measure more accurately. With some hard thinking and group discussions we decided a ruler would be the best resource to measure in centimetres.  We learned that we had to measure starting from the 0 mark or else our measurements would not be accurate. 
We are continuing with The Gingerbread Man story in our Literacy lessons this week.  As a class we have been discussing how to describe their own Gingerbread Man.  Both year groups worked on their independent writing.  Some were sharing ideas and writing them down, which is what we like to call  'magpieing' words! 
We are continuing our whole-school focus on reading and have written book reviews.  They are displayed outside the school library for you all to see! We even had one from Mr Hunkin! If any of your children want to add to the wall, they can do! Ask Miss Allen or Miss Phillips for a template.  
Both year groups have been acting out The Gingerbread Man story and we performed these to Releath Class. We were very impressed with their acting and narration. Well Done Trenoweth! 
Well done to the children that continually read at home! We have two Year 1 children who have earned their purple wrist band!!!!!
Jo Franklin wrote: Reading is brilliant because you can try out all the adventures and experiences before you decide what you'd like to do in real life.  
We have a new display with the children's lovely book reviews.  There are templates for he children found in the hot air balloon basket so please encourage your children to pick one up, fill in and pop back in the basket for it to be then displayed out side the library.  Thank you 
Philip Pullman Wrote: You shouldn't read.  Especially books.  They will make far too interesting and attractive, which isn't fair to those who don`t read.  
Welcome back!
We hope you all had a lovely Christmas!  We are now back and into the spring term already! 
This week the children have been working hard! In maths we have been learning about Money. The Year 1 and Year 2 children  have impressed me so much, we may have some super financial professionals in the making!  The Year 1 children have been discussing what the coins look like and represent while the Year 2 children have been learning ways to represent an amount in a variety of ways but using less coins.  Super work!  
In Literacy we have been learning The Gingerbread Man story.  The children have watched and listened to different Gingerbread stories with different endings! Their writing has impressed me this week as the children have particularly focused on their full stops and capital letters, as well as their sentence openers and descriptive vocabulary.  Both year groups have concentrated on describing their own Gingerbread men. We have had some interesting captions! "A mouth as creamy as whipped cream." "Buttons as dark as chocolate chip buttons!" 
The children worked on their recap of their descriptive Christmas holiday writing piece.  They were full of really interesting adjectives. lots of great sentence starters which we worked on last term and fantastic punctuation! 
Thank you for reading with your children at home through the Christmas period! Each morning the children spend time learning their phonics and take part in a daily guided reading session and with your help with their reading at home, we are really noticing an improvement.  Thank you! 
We all hope you have a lovely Christmas! from Trenoweth 
 Some of our highlights of this term! 
What a fabulous week we have had in Trenoweth!
The nativity season has come and gone already. We are very proud of all of the children,3 performances over 3 days! A huge effort from the children and staff that helped make it a great show for you all.  
In Maths we have been learning all about the properties of  3D shapes. We have been discussing how many vertices, edges and faces our 3D shapes have.
Trenoweth have been investigating how many 3D shapes they could spot around the school, which the children enjoyed and managed to tally up a few Cuboids! 
In Literacy Trenoweth have been writing about the traditional Christmas story.  The class have impressed me with their lovely hand writing and their use of capital letters and full stops.  Well done! 
The children have been busy making their Christmas hats for our traditional Christmas lunch today which we are all looking forward to! 
Some sneak peaks of the LIGHT, CAMEL, ACTION rehearsals 
Trenoweth with their Christmas hats & jumpers on getting seated for their Christmas lunch.
This week Trenoweth have been working really hard on their acting skills in rehearsals for the Lights, Camel, Action Christmas nativity performance which is creeping up very fast!   The dates are on the newsletter and tickets are on sale now, exciting stuff! 
This week in maths the children have been working really hard learning about 2D shapes.  They have been learning and answering some tricky questions in Maths. Well done Trenoweth! Thank you to all the parents, older sisters and brothers that read each night with the children. It really makes a huge impact on their thinking, listening and clearly in their learning & work in school. Thank you! 
It's 'See my work' afternoon on Friday 6th December. If you can, please come along a little earlier to come into Trenoweth and have a look at what your child has been learning and to see their work books.  We have also got a new book corner that has been made for the children to sit down and relax whilst they read to themselves or to their class friends.   
 Thank you to all for the hand made Christmas Decorations, a beautiful job you have all done! The winner will be announced next week.  Good Luck, and if you  haven't manged to make one yet there is still time but remember to bring it to school on Monday.  
This week in Trenoweth, we have been planning our own stories based on Little Red Riding Hood.  We have had fun changing the characters and setting and have just begun writing the first part of our stories, focusing on our description and sentence openers. 
In maths, we have been using a number line to help us subtract.  We have also been busy with our sewing project, creating a Christmas decoration to sell next week at Cracking Christmas.  
This week! 
What a great start to our Friday morning! The children in Trenoweth treated everyone to a great assembly on The Gunpowder Plot, with some great acting and some super songs.  We hope everyone enjoyed their firework dance! Trenoweth class also shared their learning about their Little Red Riding Hood topic, with great acting skills demonstrated by Eva, Thea, Joe, Eli and Frankie! We were so impressed with how everyone spoke clearly and confidently, a great effort from TRENOWETH CLASS! 
This week in Trenoweth 
This week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot.  We have sequenced the events and understand why we celebrate Bonfire Night each year.  Today, we have had fun making chalk pictures of fireworks and painting pictures of Guy Fawkes, King James and the Houses Of Parliament.  In maths, we have been learning our number bonds to 10 and 20.  In literacy, We have been writing a recount of our half term holiday, concentrating particularly on our sentence openers.  We look forward to sharing our learning with you at our class assembly next Friday at  9.15 am.   
A fantastic week of learning!
In maths this week, we have been learning to count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10.  In literacy, we have been practicing performing our poems ready for the Harvest Festival this afternoon.  We have also begun our History topic of The Gunpowder Plot.  
What a fantastic week of great learning in Trenoweth class! 
This week in maths we have been learning how to add 1 more and 1 less, and 10 more and 10 less.  One of our activities involved putting back together a number square jigsaw! 
We have also been busy writing and practising our Harvest poetry and are looking forward to performing these to you at the church next Friday at 2 pm.  We would like you to join us on the walk so please do let us know if you are able to join us.  
In Trenoweth, we are really focusing hard on our Phonics and reading and Miss Phillips has been so impressed with how hard everyone is working.  We have been learning how to compare numbers in maths, using greater than and less than symbols.  Well done everyone! 
Another busy week in Trenoweth class! We have continued with our learning about tens and ones in maths and have become experts at using our place valve cards to help us understand 2 digit numbers.  In our literacy lessons, we have been working on our descriptive writing and have been focusing on improving the structure of our sentences.  The theme for our Art work has been 'Autumn trees' so please do pop along to the village hall in Leedstown tomorrow to see our art work! The show open at 2 pm.   
We have had a super busy week in Trenoweth class! 
In maths, we have been counting forwards and backwards to 100, and have been learning to count in tens.  We have also learned that 2 digit numbers are made from tens and ones.  
In our literacy lessons, we have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood, using really interesting adjectives to describe the wolf.  Our work for Leedstown Show has been sent to the judges and will be displayed in the village hall in Leedstown on Saturday 21st September from 2pm, so please do pop along to see them! 
Welcome back everyone!
We were delighted to see everyone back on the first day, as well as a few new faces and it was lovely to see everyone's enthusiasm for the new term.  In Trenoweth class this term, our topic will be 'Famous People'.  Please see the topic web sent home today for further details.  You should have received a welcome letter detailing the routines and procedures for our class, but please do pop in and see Miss Phillips if you have any questions.  
Miss Philips would like to say a big thank you for all of the cards, gifts and kind words she received at the end of the last year.  We all hope you had a lovely summer holiday.