Writing Overview

At Crowan Primary School we believe that language underpins the whole school curriculum. Effective writing comes from access to a wide and enriched language curriculum encompassing reading, writing and speaking and listening.


Our Aims:

  • Nurture the children’s sense of themselves as writers
  • Create an ethos of achievement in writing
  • Encourage children to become enthusiastic, confident and reflective writers
  • Enable children to independently produce high quality writing across all curriculum areas


Our Objectives: 

• To create a rich and stimulating environment to encourage and support independent writing.

• To provide positive responses and effective support for children when writing.

• To give opportunities for children to reflect on their own writing and the writing of others including popular authors and writing from a range of cultures.

• To increase children’s ability to communicate effectively as writers.

• To enable children to express themselves in a variety of styles for a range of purposes and audiences.

• To develop children’s ability to plan, draft, organise and structure their own writing in a variety of ways.

• To provide opportunities for children to use and adapt their choice of vocabulary, grammar and style to suit the intended purpose and audience.

• To increase children’s knowledge of the conventions of written language and control of physical processes of writing.

• To use information technology to extend awareness of the printed word; including use of a word-processor to produce copies of work drafted on the computer.

We use the following documents to assess and moderate (both internally within the school and externally) the children's writing from Year 1 to Year 6: